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This gallery page is for all the pretty things YOU make using my patterns.  I know your work will inspire us all so please send me your pictures at to share.


Angie Fowler sent me this picture of her version of Screen It Up.  Too cute Angie!  I love the yellow screen mesh you used.  Here's what Angie said, "Here is finished the size of it! Great pattern....only change I made was the exterior fabric I sectioned and made pockets.  Thank you Angie for sharing your thoughts and your picture of Screen It Up.  Great Job!



Julie Ford's Mini-Screen

The Mini-Screen by Julie Ford


Michelle,  your patterns are amazing.  I've never seen so many photos and easy steps to follow.  There is no lack for information and helpful hints along the way.  It really is like you are right there with me.  Plus, this bag is CUTE and people notice.  Your choice of pet screen is a super product.  It's not your typical thin pet screen but something that has body and will hold up.  You make putting in a zipper seem easy.  

Julie, thank you for your kind words.  I'm so glad you enjoyed the pattern.  I love working with the pet screen.  It is available at Walmart (in the hardware section) and Lowe's.  Its called Pet D-Fence.  

Thank you for sharing your adorable Mini-Screen.

ITH Owl Sweet Treat Holder by Kate Britschge


Thank you so much for the awesome free Owl treat holder.  I made them for my 3 grandsons and they loved them!
Kate Britschge

Kate, these are adorable!  The red satin outline is a nice touch.  Thank you sharing.  
Thanks again for such a cute and easily executed sew/craft.

Dee Baranowski

Dee, I love the fabric!  Thank you for sharing!



Hello Michelle, 
Thank you for such a well written pattern. The pictures were great.
I have now completed two bags, one is a bit bigger as I forgot to trim it back.
It is a bit bright here today, so the colours washed out the zips are bright pink and green.
Best Wishes
Annette Stevenson
Annette, your Sew Many Projects Caddies are adorable!  I'm so glad you enjoyed making them. 
 Thank you for sharing.


]by Linda True NormanLinda made this for her teenager - how clever Linda.  Great Job!  Thanks for sharing! 

by Linda True Norman

Linda made this for her teenager - how clever Linda. Great Job! Thanks for sharing!


Sew Many Projects Caddy by Mitzy Pearson.

Mitzy says, "Hi Michelle, I have just finished my first "Sew Many Projects Caddy". Thank you for including so many great photos. The instructions are very easy to follow and the bag went together very quickly. I love your technique for applying zippers with the fabric tabs. This makes for such a clean and professional finish. And as far as finishing goes, the bound seams on the inside are easy and look great, too! Who knew you could embroider on this screen material?!? I love all of your techniques and look forward to making a few more of these as gifts. Mitzy

Mitzy, your Sew Many Projects Caddy is adorable! I love the teal color you chose. Great job! Thank you for sharing.