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What the heck is a Sewnopsis?  Well......I'm glad you asked :>)

 I like all the benefits a PDF pattern offers (shop online, instant download and easy to reprint if my dog tears it up) but  I was tired of running back and forth from the sewing machine to the computer to see what step was next.  I decided that once I started to write my own patterns I was going to change that.  If I was tired of it, then others must be too.  So I came up with the Sewnopsis.  Basically the Sewnopsis is a single page reference tool that serves as a kind of "cheat sheet"  to my patterns.  It has all the supply information, cutting instructions and includes the most important steps to the pattern on ONE SHEET.   It is super handy to keep by your sewing machine when working on a project!  It's also great to take with you when you go to the quilt shop to get your supplies so you don't forget a thing.  Since it is only one page, you can fold it and stick it in your purse instead of having to carry the whole pattern around and worry about loosing it.  

Each of my patterns contains a Sewnopsis.  Once you try it, you will be hooked and wonder how you managed without it :>)