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September 16, 2011 • 11 responses


This is a diaper bag that I made for my friend Diane.  I knew I had to use these adorable jungle embroidery designs when I found the matching fabric at Thomas Sewing Center. 

I added a zippered pocket on the inside so she could carry her cell phone, keys and wallet without them getting lost at the bottom of the bag.


  • Could you tell me where the designs came from for the animal bag? They are lovely many thanks Mandy

    Mandy Mandy on August 07, 2012 • 02:11 AM

  • Mandy,

    It is a babylock card that I think it out of print now. It is called Image by Design Collection I. I searched for a link to send you this morning and couldn’t find one. Maybe your local Babylock dealer will have one in stock? Good luck ~ sorry I’m not more help.

    sewmichelle sewmichelle on August 07, 2012 • 08:33 AM

  • Hi Michelle,

    I think the Jungle bag is just out of this world. Could you please tell me where I can obtain the Embroidery designs that you used. I would only be to happy to purchase them. Could you please tell em where you got them from. Also do you sell the Pattern of the bag as I would only be to happy to buy that as well.

    Kindest regards Elisabeth (Australia)

    Elisabeth Elisabeth on September 18, 2011 • 05:28 AM

  • Very nice! Love the colors, another winner!!!!

    Claudine Claudine on September 18, 2011 • 09:34 AM

  • Are you going to be at Thomas Sewing again any time soon. I am getting ready to do the snack bags. I fell in love with them when I saw the sample.

    Linda Linda on October 12, 2011 • 02:40 PM

  • Just beautiful Michelle. Could I ask where you got the embroidery designs from they would be just perfect for the new baby quilt my friend asked me to do…she wants an animal theme for her new wee baby boy.

    Lonnie Lonnie on September 16, 2011 • 10:57 PM

  • Wow! Those designs look like they were MADE for the fabric! You come up with the neatest projects.

    Mitzy Mitzy on September 17, 2011 • 07:45 AM

  • It’s adorable! You did a fantastic job!

    Bonnie Bonnie on September 16, 2011 • 09:25 PM

  • really darling and also practical. Love it.

    Vicki Vicki on September 16, 2011 • 09:53 PM

  • I think it is the most wonderful bag ever made for me. Well it might have been made more for Johnny LOL. What she didn’t tell you is she made all these coordinating accessories also…. a pacifer holder, a wipee case, burb rags. It is the most wonderful baby gift. So much work, such high quality, so much talent
    such great designs. I am a very lucky friend indeed. Thank you so much Michelle I showed it off all day today.

    Diane Hargis Diane Hargis on September 16, 2011 • 10:12 PM

  • Very, very cute, Michelle. I’m sure your friend will think it’s adorable – as always!

    Julie Julie on September 16, 2011 • 08:57 PM

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