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September 15, 2012 • 2 responses


Due to the overwhelming response the Why Knot Tote Bag has received, I have decided to run the special of $5.00  for the pattern until Sunday night at midnight.  

At that time, it will go up to the normal price of $8.00.  Thank you all so very much for your support. 

 I am thrilled you guys like the pattern.  Makes all my long hours and late nights of working on it worthwhile.  

If you haven't purchased your Why Knot Tote Bag pattern yet, please click HERE to take you to my Etsy store to get it while it is at this reduced price.  



  • Michelle!! This is gorgeous!!! I love it! I dont know if it is the bag or the fabric you used. You are so talented!!! I love it!

    Tara Tara on September 17, 2012 • 03:15 PM

  • You’re so sweet! Thank you :>)

    sewmichelle sewmichelle on September 17, 2012 • 03:33 PM

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