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December 26, 2012 • 10 responses


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Mine was especially nice this year.  I got to spend precious time with my parents and grandparents.  The older we all get, the more I realize, that time with family is better than any present anyone could give me!  Although Santa must read my blog because he brought me the Lil' Twister Ruler I wanted too :>)

I normally make gifts for my friends and family at Christmas, but this year my time was at a premium and I was only able to complete a couple of gifts.  Now that Christmas is over I can share them with you.  They are both Kitchen Quilts.  They are super quick and easy to make and require no real pattern(all a big plus for me).  BTW, this was not my idea, this was shown to me several months ago by my friend, Mitzy, and I have kept it in my back pocket to make as a surprise for my Mom for Christmas.

Here's how I did it (sorry no step by step pictures like normal because this is so easy you don't need pictures):

I took a bath towel and cut it in half (you could even use a kitchen towel or a hand towel if you wanted).  Then I began playing with fabric and deciding how I wanted the front to look.  As I have told you, I am not a "real quilter" but I did want it to resemble a quilt since, after all,  it is called a Kitchen Quilt :>)  So I found a piece of focus fabric that I knew my Mother would love and cut a piece about 12" x 22" for the left hand side.  Then I added  two companion fabrics and made a checkerboard for the right side, cutting the strips to 2 1/2" each.  I added the machine applique flowers (because a little embroidery never hurt any project, right?) to match the fabric on the left side to tie it all together.

Once I had the quilt top pieced,  I placed it and the towel, right sides together and stitched with a 1/2" seam allowance around all the edges, leaving about a 6" hole for turning.  I then machine quilted the two pieces together using invisible thread (my favorite).  I closed the opening, once the quilting was complete, by top stitching around the quilt.  See Easy Peasy!  The total finished size was approximately 19" x 21".  

Kitchen Quilt 2012 IMG_4611

 SewMichelle's HINTHINT:  Pre-wash both your towel (pre-cut) and fabrics.

In this next Kitchen Quilt, I didn't add any embroidery (shocker I know).  I chose to use a Loralie panel (have too many of those I need to use up) and piece some companion strips together instead.  It is a little smaller, approximately 18" x 19" but just as cute.  This would be a great project for a house warming gift or as a present to yourself to spruce up your kitchen counter when doing dishes.  It will also help you use up some of that fabric stash:>)

Thanks Mitzy for the Kitchen Quilt idea.  It was a big hit with my Mom.  If you make a Kitchen Quilt of your own, please email me a picture so I can share it with everyone for inspiration at  

Loralie Kitchen Quilt by SewMichelle


  • I like the idea because I too would like to quilt in a smaller scale and this is perfect for me. Michelle, would the fabric interfere with the absorbency of the towel? would you ask you mom and post an answer? I have some kitchen towels that are bleached and ugly and this technique would embelished them just right if it does not interfere with their work.

    Mildred Mildred on February 08, 2013 • 08:24 AM

  • I really like this. Is it used to dry dishes on? Thanks for sharing.

    Liz Liz on December 29, 2012 • 10:19 AM

  • Chrissy,

    That is a GREAT idea!! Thanks for sharing.

    sewmichelle sewmichelle on December 27, 2012 • 08:52 AM

  • Way cute! Thanks for the tips and great inspiration!

    Bonnie Welsh Bonnie Welsh on December 27, 2012 • 11:43 AM

  • Hey gf, you did good on the Kitchen Quilt. I bet your mom loved it.

    heyjude1003 heyjude1003 on December 27, 2012 • 02:47 PM

  • Gale,

    What a FANTASTIC idea!!! I would love to see a picture when you are finished!

    sewmichelle sewmichelle on December 27, 2012 • 08:42 AM

  • Thank you! It was really fun to make. I think I MIGHT be catching the quilting fever…….maybe just small quilts for me. I don’t have the patience to make a big one :>)

    sewmichelle sewmichelle on December 27, 2012 • 08:51 AM

  • Michelle, how beautiful!!! You did such a beautiful job!!!! on December 27, 2012 • 12:20 AM

  • Michelle, This is adorable and gets the creative juices flowing. I’m going to use this idea to make my grandchildren beach quilts by using a beach towels. I’ll send a photo as soon as I finish one. thanks for sharing Mitzy’s idea and your talents. Gale

    Gale Leonard Gale Leonard on December 27, 2012 • 08:38 AM

  • Looks like a Mother’s Day gift waiting to happen.
    Thanks for the terrific idea.

    Chrissy Chrissy on December 26, 2012 • 10:47 PM

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