Testers Results Are In on the Kiss & Make-Up Bags

Posted by Michelle Dorsey on


Below are pictures from my testers on the

Kiss & Make-Up Bags 

and their thoughts on the pattern.



Candi Wilson said, "The instructions for attaching the accent piece and doing the embroidery are exact and very precise.  I love the added tips, very helpful."

Candi did a great job on the bags and even added the make-up in the pics as a cute accent pieces.  Too cute Candi.  Thank you!  If you are in a hurry and need a finished bag, checkout Candi's Facebook page where she has them for sale.  




Kathy Albus said, "This one turned out very cute,love the lining."

Kathy, your scottie fabric is too cute.  Thank you for testing my pattern.  Great job.






Sue Weidenthal said, "You also have a unique way of presenting everything in chronological order with enough detail to help make it simple, but not so much as to be wordy.  And the way you did the recessed zipper .... WOW!  You go, girl!"  

Sue suggested using plastic canvas in the bottom of the bag in lieu of the fusible Pellon Peltex.  Thank you Sue for all your wonderful suggestions and for your adorable bag.  I love your fabric choices...you can never go wrong with pink!  




Mitzy Pearson said, "It's another great pattern from Michelle. Well thought out easy to follow instructions.  Thanks for the embroidery extras."

Mitzy, I love your funky fabric choice.  Your contrasting thread stitching on the accent piece is fabulous!  It really pops against the black fabric.  Thank you for testing this for me.  You can checkout Mitzy's Facebook store, Little Divas and Dudes for more adorable projects.  




Julie Ford said, "CUTE AS A BUTTON."

Julie used decorator fabric on her sample --adorable Julie!  Thank you for testing this for me.







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  • I bought your Kiss & Make-Up pattern at Checker’s open house. In your instructions, you say to cut the exterior piece 13" by 14". Which is the width and which is the length? My template I printed for the accent piece measures only 13" in length, so I am assuming that the 13" would be the width, but you say to measure across the 14" width, to mark a line for the accent piece, so now I am confused.
    Please advise as soon as possible! I am making a sample to teach a class at my friend’s store.
    Thank you!
    Lynne Brown

    Lynne Brown on
  • I also would love to test out designs for. Michelle.

    Robin Farley on
  • Love these bags and I haven’t even purchased yet! But I will be tonight! I can’t wait to make a few of these for my friends. I also want to say I have always been 100% satisfied with all my purchases!

    Robin Farley on
  • Some bag patterns (think Pink Sand Beach designs) also include info from the pattern back to show fabric requirements, lining, interfacing, zipper, etc. This might be helpful information for potential purchasers. People with a stash (who could THAT be??) might be encouraged to purchase—knowing they already have what’s needed at home.

    Mary Conradt on
  • You do not specify what hoop size in needed. The first tester’s bag appears to have either a divider or pockets on the inside. Are those included in the pattern?

    Barb on

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