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What a Hoot! Notebook Covers

September 08, 2013 • 1 response

Adorable pics from my testers on my new pattern, What A Hoot! Notebook Covers.


Look at all of the cute photos from my testers.  They did a fantastic job!










Candi WIlson made this adorable pair.  I love the brown and pink together.




Julie Ford made this What A Hoot Notebook Cover in the Steno size.  Great job Julie!


Khindra Kent of Khindra's Kreations, made this adorable What A Hoot Steno Cover.  I love the use of the teal and aqua of course but also the polka dots!  Too cute Khindra!




Sue Weidenthal made this hooty (as she called it) and made her "hair" flip up a little.  So cute!!  I love the fall fabrics she choose.  Adorable Sue!!


Sue Weidenthal also made this "Snow Owl" What a Hoot Notebook Cover - Spiral size.  I like the use of different fabrics.  Totally changes the look of the cover.  Love your creative touch Sue.


A huge thank you to all of my testers.  You guys are so wonderful!  I appreciate all of your help!!!  


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  • these are all way too cute you all did a wonderful job

    sandra smith sandra smith on September 21, 2013 • 10:04 PM

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