The Perfect Pair

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The Perfect Pair Tote Bag stays true to its name.  A perfect combination of a full size tote bag and a smaller, removable cosmetic screen bag to hold your necessities. 

The two bags snap together in a unique fashion to make everything organized and accessible!  The pattern includes all the embedded lettering in both sizes for each bag. 

This bag is perfect for campus activities, sleepovers, the gym.....the possibilities are endless!


Completed size is approximately 15" tall x 17 1/2" wide, 6" deep. 

Interior screen bag is approximately 9 1/2" tall x 9 1/2" wide, 4" deep.


Embroidery designs are:

5.01" x 4.70" with 10 Color Stops; approximately 10600 stitches

2.85" x 2.68" with 10 Color Stops; approximately 6000 stitches