Sew Many Projects Caddy

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Sew Many Projects Caddy is a pet screen inspired sewing organizer that is the perfect accessory for sewing retreats, parties or school bag!

The outer zippered pocket can be used to hold thread, scissors, sewing notions and just about anything else! Additional pockets can be found behind the zippered pocket to add an extra amount of storage.

Don't let the zippers scare you! Michelle's secret method makes inserting the zippers super easy! Step-by-step instructions guide you through the process and will have you inserting zippers like a pro in no time.

Sew Many Projects Caddy includes the entire alphabet so you can personalize your caddy!

Measures: 17" tall x 13" wide x 6" deep

Design is offered in the following formats only:
Michelle's Note:
As with most sewers, I am always working on multiple projects at the same time. I get bored with one and then I begin a new one. I try to be organized by putting everything I need for the first project in a box or bag to keep it all together but then when I want to go back to that project, I normally can't find it without looking through all the boxes or bags I have loaded with other projects.
One day after getting frustrated searching for a particular project for what seemed like hours, I thought, if I could only see what's in these things it would make my life easier and I wouldn't waste so much precious time searching for what I'm looking for.
Then it hit me, PET SCREEN! You can see through pet screen! And so it began, the Sew Many Projects Caddy was born.