Vinyl Coated Mesh/Pet Screen

  • $6.00

 This is the product I personally use to make my screen tote bag patterns.  Scroll down to see all the pretty colors. 

The Double Duty Screen Tote Bag



It is a high quality vinyl coated mesh that will give the tote bags the body they need to make them stand up on their own.  No one likes a droopy bag, right?  

I have the screen available in 13 beautiful colors.  

Each roll measures 18" x 36".

 Use the drop down menu to choose your color and add the roll to your cart.  

 Unfortunately the downfall to the screen is it is freight intensive.  

The freight charges will not be included in the total until you log into Paypal.  You will be able to hit cancel if you change your mind even at that point.  

Shipping in the United States:

1 to 3 rolls is $8.50

4 to 8 rolls in the U.S. is $14.00


If ordering from a country other than the United States, please email me for shipping information before placing an order.

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